I’m a designer, a student at Stanford, and a total Sherlock Holmes junkie.

I like learning about anything and everything: I spend most of my time diving into digital product design, but I also love to immerse myself in any cool projects I come across – from talking with awesome people in biotech to searching for the best cookies in San Francisco.

My hobbies include reading, discovering fun hexadecimal color codes, and teaching others about web design. While at Stanford, I’ve led design and marketing for CS+Social Good, taught visual design for CS 91SI, and developed educational programs and events for Girls Teaching Girls to Code. I’ll be spending this summer learning from the amazing design team at Facebook, and I’m really excited to grow into a more thoughtful designer (and meet many of my personal design idols)!

I’ve worked with: Salesforce, Teespring, Venmo, ChannelMeter, Omicia, Wislr, Stanford Music Collective

Things I like to use: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++

Relevant classes (past and current): CS 147 (Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Design), CS 107 (Computer Organization and Systems), CS 106B (Programming Abstractions in C++), COMM 169 (Computers and Interfaces), CS 142 (Web Applications), CS 109 (Introduction to Probability for Computer Scientists), CS 91SI – critique leader (Visual Design on the Web)